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    All the Latest News from BuySpares

    We are constantly improving our website and the service we provide to our customers. In this section you can keep up-to-date with everything that's happening, as it happens! If you're from the media and would like to know more about the BuySpares brand, contact our marketing department via email at

    For the latest information of new product ranges, appliance care advice or household tips, visit the EverythingHomes blog.

    The Latest Releases

    BuySpares Twitter Hits 1000 Followers
    Posted on 10/06/16

    This month saw the BuySpares twitter feed hit over 1000 followers, proof that customers are responding very positively to the brand's Twitter output.

    BuySpares YouTube Subscribers Over 1500
    Posted on 27/05/16

    The BuySpares YouTube channel has seen its latest exciting milestone, with over 1500 customers subscribing to the channel.

    BuySpares' Customers Raise £15k for Charity
    Posted on 11/12/15

    Thanks to the generosity of BuySpares' customers a total of over £15k has been raised for charity, via the digital charity box Pennies.

    BuySpares Germany YouTube Goes From Strength to Strength
    Posted on 11/11/15

    Having enjoyed the success of its first 100 subscribers back in January, BuySpares' German YouTube page has continued to grow in popularity with now over 250 subscribers and over half a million video views.

    BuySpares' YouTube France Hits Another Milestone
    Posted on 30/09/15

    BuySpares' French YouTube channel now has 250 subscribers and over half a million video views and these numbers continue to grow. BuySpares help French customers fix their faulty appliances with video guides to common appliance repairs. Tres bien!

    BuySpares' YouTube at 1000 and Counting
    Posted on 15/07/15

    The BuySpares' YouTube page has now gained an impressive 1000 subscribers and doesn't show any signs of slowing. "How-to" videos on the page provide step by step guides to repairing, maintaining and using household appliances letting viewers save money.

    15k Likes For BuySpares' Facebook
    Posted on 24/01/15

    A notable milestone has been reached on BuySpares' Facebook with 15 thousand customers now liking the page. BuySpares use Facebook to share industry news, home improvement tips and advice on repairing and maintaining appliances with their customers.

    BuySpares Germany Hits 100 YouTube Subscribers
    Posted on 19/01/15

    BuySpares' dedicated German YouTube channel has achieved 100 subscribers, thanks to the popularity of the channel's video uploads. The videos provide repair guides and handy maintenance tips to help customers fix their appliances themselves. Sehr gut!

    BuySpares Blog Uploads 250th Article
    Posted on 29/12/14

    Since 2011, when the Everything Homes blog was created, BuySpares have written an impressive 250 articles. The articles help readers fix their appliances and also offer advice on cleaning and maintaining appliances and even reducing utility bills.

    BuySpares International Expand Social Presence
    Posted on 24/11/14

    BuySpares Italy and BuySpares Spain have expanded their social media presence during November, with each site launching a dedicated blog and YouTube channel.

    BuySpares International Hits 10K
    Posted on 21/11/14

    Five months after reaching 1,000 "Likes" on Facebook, both BuySpares Italy and BuySpares Spain have reached 10,000 "Likes" on the social media platform.

    BuySpares Spain Facebook Hits Another Milestone
    Posted on 29/07/14

    A week after hitting 500 "likes" on Facebook, BuySpares Spain's social media presence has reached another impressive milestone; clocking up 1,000 "likes".

    BuySpares Italy Hits 1,000
    Posted on 22/07/14

    Three months after launching, the Facebook BuySpares Italy page has hit 1,000 "likes" - helping to spread the "repair not replace" throughout the Italian market.

    BuySpares Spain Facebook Hits 500
    Posted on 19/07/14

    Five months after launching its dedicated Facebook page, BuySpares Spain has reached 500 "likes" on the social network; helping to spread the message of why it is important to "repair not replace" household appliances.

    BuySpares Italy Gets Social
    Posted on 19/04/14

    BuySpares Italy has launched a dedicated Facebook page, in an attempt to engage and interact with the Italian market; and to spread the BuySpares motto of "repair rather than replace" their household appliances.

    1,000 Not Out for BuySpares Austria's Facebook
    Posted on 15/04/14

    Three months after launching, the dedicated Facebook page for BuySpares Austria has reached an impressive milestone, hitting 1,000 "likes" and counting.

    BuySpares Austria at 500 and Counting
    Posted on 15/02/14

    A month after launching, the dedicated Facebook page for BuySpares Austria has hit 500 "likes", as it continues to engage consumers in Austria to "repair rather than replace" their household appliances.

    BuySpares Spain Says "Si" to Social
    Posted on 11/02/14

    BuySpares Spain, which launched to encourage consumers in Spain to "repair not replace" their appliances, has now said "Si" to social media, with the launch of its dedicated Facebook page.

    BuySpares Germany Facebook Hits 1,000
    Posted on 04/02/14

    Two months after launching, the Facebook BuySpares Germany page has hit 1,000 "likes" - helping to spread the "repair not replace" throughout Europe.

    BuySpares Austria Gets Social
    Posted on 21/01/14

    BuySpares Austria, which launched to encourage consumers in Austria to "repair not replace" their appliances, have decided that now is the time to get social with their audience, as they launch a dedicated Facebook page.

    BuySpares Germany Gets Social
    Posted on 29/11/13

    BuySpares Germany have now gone social with the launch of a dedicated Facebook page.

    BuySpares France Says Oui to Social
    Posted on 16/10/13

    BuySpares France, which launched in 2012 in a bid to encourage consumers in France to "repair not replace" their household appliances, have seen its dedicated Facebook page grow with a flurry of activity.

    BuySpares First Facebook Competition a Success
    Posted on 17/09/13

    At the end of August, spare part specialists BuySpares launched their first Facebook competition, which ran until September 9th and proved to be a big success.

    A World of Possibilities with BuySpares mobile
    Posted on 13/02/13

    Appliance repairs are not always considered to be the easiest and most straightforward task for a DIY novice to tackle. However leading parts retailer, BuySpares, aims to change this perception.

    BuySpares Launches Descaler
    Posted on 03/01/13

    Limescale and detergent build-up can cause a range of appliance faults and their presence also reduces the efficiency of your home appliances. If limescale is allowed to take hold then it can coat the internal components of a washing machine or dishwasher

    BuySpares Launches Dedicated French Website
    Posted on 05/10/12

    We are delighted to introduce our new spares website for French speakers.

    Enjoy Your Favourite Lavazza Blend at Home
    Posted on 27/07/12

    We are pleased to announce that we now stock Lavazza coffee machines, spare parts and accessories. This new range is in addition to our existing range of spares for leading coffee maker brands like Bosch Tassimo and Gaggia.

    New to BuySpares - Bissell Stomp 'n Go
    Posted on 19/07/12

    Take the hassle out of carpet stains with Bissell's latest stain removal product. Whether it's red wine, coffee, tea or pet mess, then you can remove it with Stomp 'n Go.

    We Can Now Deliver Weekend Orders on a Monday
    Posted on 26/06/12

    As part of our new delivery schedule if an order is placed using express delivery on a Friday or Saturday, then we will get to the customer on the Monday.

    BuySpares Customers Have Their Say
    Posted on 23/04/12

    Product reviews have quickly become an invaluable addition for both our existing customers and those new to the BuySpares website.

    BuySpares Moves into Europe
    Posted on 16/03/12

    In an exciting development, the Buyspares brand has entered the European marketplace. Customers in selected international destinations can now order from our extensive library of spare parts.

    Leading Online Spare Parts Retailer Makes Every Penny Count
    Posted on 02/03/12

    Leading online spare parts retailer adds electronic charity box to the checkout to enable BuySpares customers to round up their orders for a great cause.

    BuySpares Website Gets a Revamp to Make Buying Spare Parts Easier
    Posted on 21/11/11

    We have re-launched their website with a host of new features to make buying spare parts and repairing home appliances much easier.

    UK Consumers Waste Hundreds Replacing Kitchen Appliances
    Posted on 02/09/11

    Revamped household spares and accessories website offers money saving tips and advice to beat the recession with diy appliance repairs.

    Fixing It Yourself Just Got Easier with How-to Videos from BuySpares
    Posted on 17/06/11

    Buyspares, the UK's biggest online home and garden spares retailer, have launched a new feature to their website which will bring their customers even more convenience in the 'Do-It-Yourself Repairs' campaign.

    The UK's Biggest Appliance Spares Retailer Goes Mobile
    Posted on 07/03/11

    Online appliance spares retailer BuySpares is launching a mobile version of its e-commerce website, making the process of repairing your own home and garden appliances even more convenient.

    BuySpares Launch Competition to Find the Perfect Smoothie
    Posted on 07/03/11

    UK appliance spares company BuySpares have launched a new competition to celebrate the launch of their interactive 'Cookshop'.